Professional Painters

Professional painters are skilled, experienced and conversant with all areas around painting. It is easy to dismiss painting as something anyone can do. However there is a lot that painters take into account before picking up a brush and applying a coat of paint.

Key things that painters focus on

  • These professionals must consider the type of material that they’ll be painting. This could be wooden, masonry, metallic or soft board surfaces.  For example, knots in wooden surfaces must be treated to keep them from emitting resins. The painter first deals with this before applying paint.
  • Painters also consider whether they’re painting interior or exterior surfaces. Exterior surfaces require paint that protects them from changing weather conditions. Thus the paint used is different from that of interior surfaces.
  • They also check for injuries on the surfaces such as cracks and holes. Painters fill up these places with suitable fillers before commencing the paint job.
  • A professional painter also tests your old paint for the presence of lead. This is crucial in older homes especially where paint has chipped. They do this in a safe way and then make recommendations to you.

These are just a few of the things that they consider when taking up a job.

Choosing a professional painter

  • The first thing is to get an experienced professional. Talk to several painting contractors and find out how long they have been in business. The longer they have been around, the more experience they have garnered. You’ll want to hire someone who has done similar jobs before.
  • Next get references from previous jobs done. You’ll find this by checking their website or by asking them for references who you’ll call.
  • Let the contractor go over your home and give you a specific time frame for completion of the job. Professional painters have no problem committing to a schedule.
  • In addition to all this, find out whether the contractor is licensed or certified. A licensed professional is keen to protect their reputation and is more likely to do a good job.
  • Also find out whether the contractor offers warranties. Someone offering a warranty is going to do a good job the first time round.

Hiring a skilled professional painter is well worth the effort. You get a professional job done that is not only aesthetically appealing but lasts a long time.

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