House cleaner

A house cleaner will provide much needed rest to many homes. They take over cleaning tasks that are time consuming and tiring to do.

These companies offer you the option of cleaning specific areas such as kitchens and bathrooms or the entire house. Some people have cleaners coming over regularly while others hire them for a one-time event such as when they’re moving.

What do cleaning companies do?

The activities of a cleaning company are just that –cleaning. However homeowners have the option of different kinds of cleaning. These include the following:

Deep cleaning

In this case house cleaners clean every spot in the home. Your carpets, couches, pillows and cushions are cleaned. The floors are cleaned and polished. Bathroom tiles are scrubbed clean and windows too. Your kitchen range is cleaned, oven de greased and hard to reach areas scrubbed clean. These are just a few of the things covered under this option.

It is the most expensive option but doing it once or twice a year is enough.

Specific room cleaning

Sometimes all you want is the kitchen cleaned. You’ll have this option available too.  Here your counters are cleaned, your range, oven, pans , counters, microwaves sinks and shelves are covered too. Floors are cleaned as well as windows tables and chairs.

Identifying a good house cleaner

  1. Professional house cleaners offer you a cleaning contract that reflects the cleaning you want. Go through this contract carefully. Sometime you may expect something to be done but it isn’t in the contract.
  2. They have good references from your area.  Check their website for reviews or ask them for references with contacts.  Find out what their service is like before hiring them.
  3. Good house cleaners are upfront about what they’ll charge. If it is a flat-rate ask specifically what it covers. If the fee is dependent on the job, let them do a walk through and give you a figure. This way you’ll avoid hefty charges after the job is done.
  4. Find out how soon they’ll come back if you discover a certain area wasn’t cleaned properly. You don’t want to be following them up constantly after they’ve left.

It is good to get house cleaners to come over and relieve you of cleaning tasks. The more frequently you have them over, the less they’ll cost. Get quotations from various house cleaners and then make your decision.

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