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This website is being developed to promote Home Inspectors, and other Pros. We are looking for inspectors who want to be more helpful to their clients, whether you represent the buyer, or the seller. Home inspectors that see the value in directing their customers to Inspection Findings Solutions. Reap the rewards of being a more helpful home inspector.

This site is creating a network of pros to help all those involved with the real estate transaction. Pros to be a solution to your home inspectors findings, and a resource for future home repairs, and improvements.
A minimum of five published 5 star reviews required to be listed.

How it Works
A maximum of 2 home inspectors would be listed per 75,000 in population.
But in a larger city of 500,000 or more, only 2 inspectors would be listed per 100,000 in population.

There is no charge to be listed on this site for home inspectors, however listings are limited.

To be listed, we do ask that you add this link to us on your website’s home page: | Inspection Findings Solutions 

Home Inspector Pro Listing Example Below:

Cycle of Homeownership

Which ultimately leads to Hiring a Pro.

The home inspection creates work for Pros. 

home inspectors get listed

John Thorough
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Serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas

Hello I am John Thorough, I work with buyers, agents, and sellers in the Phoenix Metro Area. I have over 10 years of experience as a home inspector, every inspection I perform is extremely detailed and thorough. 

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A link from you home page to Inspection Findings Solutions is required to be listed.
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By submitting this form you agree that - Helping others takes the selfishness in our lives and replaces it with selflessness. It gives us a sense of self worth and make us feel good about ourselves. Helping others is beneficial not only to you, but to the people you help. The Mantra “Exceed Peoples Expectations”, and then you will have steady repeat business, and referrals.

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