Heating and Air Conditioning Companies

Heating and AC companies specialize in installation maintenance and repair of the HVAC system in your home. These trained professionals also ensure that your system is safe for your use.

Common problems requiring these professionals

  • Your furnace emitting noises as it operates. There are various reasons for this including a faulty motor or a dirty burner.
  • Facing tripped breakers every time your furnace is on which may be caused by a malfunction.
  • Experiencing reduced cooling from your air conditioning system.  This may indicate a need for maintenance of your coils.
  • You may also have ignition problems. They result from various things including dirty burners and may result in short cycling. A professional from a heating and ac company will give an accurate diagnosis and resolve the issue.
  • Normal maintenance of your heating and cooling system also requires engaging a professional.

How to identify a good heating and ac company

  1. Find out what their credentials are.  What level of training and certifications do their workers have? Get a company that has well trained and experienced professionals.
  2. Are the professionals in the company familiar with your particular type of system? You can easily gauge this by asking them to send a professional to look at the system. If they send someone who fumbles around the system, they may not be a good fit.
  3. Check out their references. What are their previous clients saying about them? What was their experience with them?
  4. Find out whether they have a maintenance contract and for how long. Also check whether they offer a warranty and for how long.
  5. Find out what the repair or installation of the system will cost before they begin the job. Get quotations from other companies as well. Then you’ll know what options are available.
  6. Get away from companies which are slow in getting back to you, who can’t remember what your issue was, and whose customer service is poor.

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